For the days Jayda sat by the mailbox waiting for you to come back believing in the promise that you were sending her gifts Crying in tears.

Maya just asked over and over again at the age of 3 1/2 where’s daddy?

I sat by myself crying many long nights thinking about death in many forms the pressure was too much I was not enough and everything around me was caving in.

Jayda and Maya both sick eight surgeries in less than 15 months both children…

And Jayda went mute…. she stopped talking for a whole year? Complete silence.


In 2015 I was asked to be apart of a business event being hosted at a State University. They wanted me to teach on The Sales Management Process. I was scared. No one on the “panel” of speakers looked like me… and most of the attendees didn’t look like me either.

We all haven’t different reasons why we are scared to do certain things:

  • We are too fat.
  • Not as good looking.
  • Too old.
  • Too young
  • Not educated enough.
  • Not as polished.
  • Not super charismatic.
  • Not as wealthy.

The list goes on and on… here was the item on my…

This concept is pretty tough — but it’s 100% real.

The biggest question of today is…


September is 100% here and THIS is the time to get Q4 rolling. Many times in sales we look at the next four months and think we have 120 days to make things happen…


I have been doing this now for 15 year… the sales that close in November & December are strictly from seeds that are planted this month in September and possible the first week of OCTOBER.

November & December people are so spotty that anything…

It’s Monday.

It’s so doggone real. I can’t even begin to tell you how many years I spent living a life that I don’t love. We literally have to stop living a life that we don’t love. Why? Because it’s wrong.

It’s plain ole wrong.

For me, there are too many people who made sacrifices for me to live a better life… generations and generations before me.

Truth the hard core truth is that today if you don’t live a life you love its 9.9 …

Almost 75%+ of the entrepreneurs that I’ve met in the last 12 months one of our lives events have told me almost the exact same thing. “I am meeting more people, having more conversations… yet, I am still NOT making more money?!

They look at me in disbelief… and silently I knew by the look in their eyes that they wanted to ask me the big question “ why the flip is this happening?!”

Thats super tough wanting to grow your numbers, making big plans for the future and moving forward with a little anxiety and plain ole fear. …

I’ll never forget the day when a client who had been working with me for only 7 months said “ Tiffany, my revenue has doubled” I was like 😲 really. This is my excited face, and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t because I didn’t know that it could happen, but more because it was in an industry that was a little foreign to me. It was an industry that was what I call a luxury purchase.

I was excited. You know why because I know that when most businesses are looking to grow, someone walks in with ideas for…

It’s kind of crazy for me to believe that we are here again. Just a few years ago I was CEO of a company that I loved had built from the ground up and was proud of, but it didn’t make me happy. I went to work every day going through the motions at times and feeling a little empty at the end of the day. We had roughly ten employees, three offices and had topped 2.5 Million dollars in sales with a clear map on how to get to 10 Million in the next five years.

I walked away…

I can remember the first time I attempted to tell my story. Yikes!

It was in front of people who I didn’t know and more importantly people who I knew could judge me. I was terrified, I actually wanted to run out the door. All I could think about was what were they going to think about me?! I know I needed to be vulnerable and open like I have never been before if I wanted to get my point across. Yikes! Would I lose my credibility, would I appear to be weak, would I appear to be insignificant, or…

Summer comes and we look around, we’re thinking to ourselves, “What do we do?” Everyone has told you that summer is a time to rest, relax and reflect because there’s no money to be made. I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs and business owners I’ve either met around the country or those of my peers that have told me over the years that summer is the slowest season of the month. Over the last decade on my journey in building businesses, summer has always been a time for me to stack cash. When I say “stack cash” I really…

Crying was something I did often. Life felt impossible 10 years ago, and I always felt small. I found my way through the tunnel, by committing myself to laughter.

Sometimes we just have to laugh… yup that’s right. Just laugh… It’s like a medicine, and I believe laughter is one of the best kinds of medicine.

Laughter will change your mood instantly.
Laughter will help you put a situation in perspective.
Laughter will force you to look on the bright side.
Laughter will help you pull your other emotions off the deep end.
Laughter will help you feel stronger in tough situations.

When it’s tough. Laugh.
When it’s unclear. Laugh.
When it’s frustrating. Laugh.
When it’s depressing. Laugh.
When it’s overwhelming. Laugh.


Tiffany Largie

Founder of #OnwardsToFreedom, Community for Dreamers & Entrepreneurs worldwide who are done settling. Story, Sales & Marketing Strategist. AKA The Shadow CEO.

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